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No Investments in Russia

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian disaster in the Ukraine following the invasion has prompted the EU, U.S., and a number of other countries to impose sanctions on Russia and Belarus.

We do not hold any shares in companies in Russia or Belarus. It is our analysis that Russia and Belarus at this time are uninvestable.

C WorldWide Emerging Markets has previously had investments in Russia, but in the weeks leading up to and on the day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, we have sold out of our investments in Russian companies. We thus have no investments in Russian companies, nor in companies from Belarus. Subsequently, we have also seen that stock exchange trading in Russian shares has more or less been suspended.

The sanctions on Russia and Belarus are complicated and extremely far reaching and new sanctions will continue to be imposed in the coming time. In the C WorldWide Group we will comply fully with all such sanctions.

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