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The financial world is full of investors chasing short-term profits. We don’t. Our goal is to obtain lasting investments. This demands patience and diligence. Like skilled craftsmen, we constantly fine-tune our thoroughly tested methods in order to create better products and to ensure that we continue to perform at our best.

The culmination of timeless principles of hard work, passion, teamwork and focus, makes us able to avoid short-term market volatility and safeguard our picking of what we consider to be the best stocks in the world.

We manage unconstrained, concentrated best ideas portfolios with high conviction stock picks. Identifying and capitalising on long term global trends, in addition to using in-depth, long term fundamental stock picking, enables us to capitalise on opportunities around the world.

Using these solid methods, C WorldWide Asset Management has beaten the general equity market over the long term and we continue to approach our choices with the same enthusiasm and curiosity, obtaining lasting investments.