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Insights & News

Insights, Acknowledgements and Clarifications

This paper addresses five key questions that C WorldWide is typically asked by professionals assesing our investment approach – our objective seeks to provide what could be considered the wrong answers for what we consider to be the right reasons.

A journey through the "Valley of Sorrows"

Central banks have since the financial crisis in 2008, through low interest rates and liquidity, aggressively used the financial levers of the economy to pull the real economy forward. Now the central banks need to make a U-turn.

The Longer-Term Investment Consequences of the War in Ukraine

As we try to assess the longer-term implications of Russia’s vicious attack on Ukraine some conclusions come quickly and are hard to dispute. These are the known knowns.

Market Perspectives for the Coming Year

Bo Knudsen shares our thoughts on the current market perspectives that we, as an active global equity investor, navigate in to create attractive returns for our clients.

A Stock Picker’s Reflections for 2022

We don’t think in terms of a calendar year when investing. We think it is important to stay consistent and focus on a longer time horizon when investing.

Building a People's Business in Asset Management

Some might try to build an organization, where the system is more important than the people. Unsurprisingly, you get exactly what you aim for – a company that loses people.

Global Equities - Outlook 01/2021

Bo Knudsen, CEO at C WorldWide Asset Management, shares our expectations for the year 2021 and the next decade.

Global Equities - Buy, Sell Or Hold?

Today, almost 10 years after the financial crisis, we are in the later stage of a rising equity market. The increased turbulence makes many investors ask: Buy, sell, or hold?

The next 30 years

1987 was another interesting year because the countries of the world came together with the purpose of reducing harmful substances that since have created positive change. Today, 30 years later, the fundamental story is the same. Fear of survival is a timeless factor of motivation and a reason to act.

The Good Nationalist And The Capex Cycle

You can actually win elections on slogans like ‘Make America Great Again’. The nationalistic message resonates with voters across the world. This secular increase in nationalism is a classic counterreaction to crisis. And a counterreaction to decades of globalization.