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Insights & News

Indonesia – Structural story but with a minor (political) bump

Our recent visit to Indonesia left us pleasantly surprised by the remarkable economic develop­ments taking place in the country.

China – to invest or not to invest

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (aka. the Party Congress) has ended, and the overarching conclusion is that China is essentially set to be ruled by one man, with the Xi Jinping Dynasty having begun in earnest.

Investigating the nearshoring theme in Mexico

For the past few years, increased geopolitical tensions and disruption of supply chains have driven the global realignment of supply chains closer to the country of consumption.

Brazilian Pension Reform

The pension reform approval in Brazil is the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Successful investing in Emerging Markets

It is important to focus on countries with a strong political leadership with structural growth reforms on the agenda, including amongst others, investment in education, infrastructure development and financial inclusion.

Emerging Markets Have Potential

The investment case for Emerging Markets (EM) is strong and exciting. The population in EM accounts for approximately 70 pct. of the world’s population, of which about 50 pct. is under 30 years old. In addition, EM companies account for almost 50 pct. of world patent applications, even though only some 7 pct. of the world’s 500 largest companies are based in EM.

Navigating emerging markets

The football World Cup is a truly exciting and special event. However, would it be as exciting and special if the participating teams were chosen solely based on their theoretical potential, and not the results they delivered in the qualifying stage?

Man vs. machine

We live in an amazing technological era. Robotic equipment attached to the body can detect signals from the brain and help previously wheelchair-confined persons to walk. Software programs can assist police in selective cities to reduce burglaries and violent crimes significantly by informing the police where crimes are expected to occur within a 150-meter radius. Technology has come a long way!