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Insights & News

India’s Ascendancy Continues: How We Invest in the World’s Fastest-Growing Economy

India is at the cusp of gaining its rightful place in the world order, and we believe India is the most compelling, longer-term single-country investment opportunity globally. Never has the country been as favorably placed as it is now – both in the context of geopolitics and economic contribution.

Japan's High-Tech Renaissance

A small island in Japan called Kyushu is now known as “Silicon Island” due to the massive investments from TSMC and other tech companies. C WorldWide has portfolio exposure to several mentioned companies in this Insight. Read here:

Showcasing AI Portfolio Exposure

We have broad exposure and are well-positioned in our portfolios to leading companies exploiting AI technology. The question is: When will AI repeat the pattern of internet development in terms of earnings growth?

The Market For Heat Pumps Is Heating Up

Heat pumps currently only represent approximately 13% of all heating systems in Europe and around 5% in the US, indicating significant growth potential.

Does inflation swindle the equity investor?

We conclude that equity investors may suffer during times of high inflation but in recent history, equities have indeed worked as a hedge against inflation.

How to Invest in a More Difficult Economic Environment

History shows that high-quality companies typically perform well when global economic growth slows. Even recessions come to an end, and then it’s good to be in a position that has a longer-term perspective.

The Splendour of the Luxury Goods Market – A strong and stable growing sector

In 2022, the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, inflation, and elevated food prices dominated the economic landscape and caused a significant decline in the bond and stock markets. However, the consumption of luxury goods was remarkably resilient.

Returning to Japan

Japan continues to be demographically challenged but is a global power house in our identified mega-trend of Productive and Digital Society with robot technologies, global MedTech champions, and high-tech components and materials providers.

China – to invest or not to invest

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (aka. the Party Congress) has ended, and the overarching conclusion is that China is essentially set to be ruled by one man, with the Xi Jinping Dynasty having begun in earnest.

Investigating the nearshoring theme in Mexico

For the past few years, increased geopolitical tensions and disruption of supply chains have driven the global realignment of supply chains closer to the country of consumption.