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Building a People's Business in Asset Management

Some might try to build an organization, where the system is more important than the people. Unsurprisingly, you get exactly what you aim for – a company that loses people.

The Next Decade belongs to the Long-Term Investor

Short termism is a problem as it undermines future economic growth as the lack of long-term investments leads to slower GDP, higher unemployment and lower investment returns.

Net Zero Emission – Mission Impossible?

Is it possible to reach the target of net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by midcentury?

Leading Edge; Pushing the Boundaries and the Future of Compute

Moore’s Law has been one of the most important drivers of productivity and economic growth over the last 50 years.

Fragmenting Supply Chains & the Rise of Robots

Global supply chains are fracturing and critical industries like electronics and healthcare will be centered in the future around two distinct US and China centric supply systems.

The Anatomy of a Compounder

The biggest opportunity in equity investments is to look for companies that can compound their earnings over many years or even decades. We emphasize sustainability of growth over magnitude of growth.

Sustainable Investments

All through the years, we have targeted our investments in companies with sustainable business models, strong management teams and sound and responsible business ethics. This creates the optimum basis for generating attractive long-term returns.

Longer-term Thematic Consequences of COVID-19

The impact could be short-lived and modest or extended and more serious. But COVID-19 is already challenging perceptions of what a normal course of action is.

Average Thinking does not create Winners

You cannot expect the average fund to outperform the market, just like you cannot expect the average football club to do better than average.

C WorldWide Stock Picking

Our trend-based, thematic investment approach helps us to differentiate between the day-to-day noise in markets and what is truly lasting knowledge that one can accumulate and hopefully provide superior investment insights over time.

Cloud computing at an inflection point

The Cloud will be the foundation for the digital transformation of enterprises as we enter the Second Machine Age. Information technology leveraging a Cloud infrastructure is becoming a central and strategic priority for most businesses. This is a fundamental change that will play out over many years.