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Insights & News

Indonesia – Structural story but with a minor (political) bump

Our recent visit to Indonesia left us pleasantly surprised by the remarkable economic develop­ments taking place in the country.

Investigating the nearshoring theme in Mexico

For the past few years, increased geopolitical tensions and disruption of supply chains have driven the global realignment of supply chains closer to the country of consumption.

India's Impending Capex Recovery

Abhinav Rathee, Portfolio Manager at C WorldWide Asset Management, shares our insights on India's potential for the long-term investor.

India’s Impending Capex Recovery

As India emerges from the pandemic, we are witnessing early signs of an emerging led recovery.

Can India Tackle the Dark Clouds of the Second Covid-19 Wave?

The second Covid-19 wave is hitting India hard. However, the number of daily infections is declining noticeably in Mumbai and the vaccine program has already come a long way with an expected acceleration ahead.

India Part I: The India opportunity

India has historically struggled to unleash its potential. However, with prime minister Modi a series of important reforms have been implemented to realize this potential. With this background, we see India as one of the best investment stories of the coming decade.

India Part II: A new and reforming India

Never in the history of modern India has there been more reforms enacted over a 4-year period than since Prime Minister Modi took charge in 2014. Some of the biggest initiatives that will define the future of the country for decades to come have been implemented over the last 48 months.